Mercy & Justice

Why Mercy & Justice?

Our acts of Mercy and Justice nourish our intimacy with Jesus in the same way as engaging in prayer, partaking in worship and receiving good teaching.

They are core to being a Jesus follower, and more than that too. When our acts of mercy and justice are birthed out of prayer, worship and good teaching, they become acts that usher in God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

The Pinelands Baptist Church’s Mercy and Justice Ministry is about inspiring those at PBC to receive and respond to God’s call, which resonates throughout his word but is summarised beautifully in Micah 6:8

​“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”
-Micah 6:8

Moreover, the Mercy and Justice Ministry seeks to strengthen, support and encourage those who have already responded to this call and are seeking how to authentically live out mercy and justice.

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Pinelands Baptist Church.

Local church, Cape Town

Our church community from which this ministry emerged and whom we serve.

Lerato’s hope.

Non-profit, Cape Town

Founded and based at Pinelands Baptist Church seeking to mobilise our local church community and beyond into action.

The justice conference SA 2018.

Partner, South Africa

A global movement that came to South Africa for the first time in March 2017. Volunteers and funding support from PBC and LH.

How the partners interact.

The relationship between Pinelands Baptist Church’s
Mercy & Justice with Lerato’s Hope.

What are we moving towards?

A body of believers who are awake to the injustices around them and to the kingdom vision of God’s purpose to make all things new, to forgive all sins and make all wrongs right. Convinced that God wants to do something about the injustices and that He can empower them to be His hands and feet to respond practically, with a deep understanding of the complexities, in a way that brings healing and freedom to all.

Some may rise up to bring justice in the form of a formalised ministry whilst drawing others into the response. Some may rise up to be a prophetic voice in society calling powers to account for the way people are oppressed. Hopefully, all the body of believers will be living justice-orientated lifestyles through the deliberate choices they make in their everyday life, whilst also participating in dismantling injustices in their own spheres of influence.

And motivated, not out of guilt, self-righteousness or superiority, but out of a deep love that honours the image of God in each human being.
Neither Pinelands Baptist Church nor Lerato’s Hope will actively start a programme or project to tackle a social problem/injustice, rather our roles are to teach, inspire, mobilise, catalyse, encourage and strengthen the body of believers to be responding to the calling that God has placed on them.

Ministry leader.

Jacqui Tooke.

Mercy & Justice Deacon

Jacqui is mother to three children and married to Lloyd. Her prayer is for God to give prophetic imagination to his people to live mercy & justice as a lifestyle.

Ministry resources.