Immerse Discipleship Year


The purpose of the Discipleship Year is to equip, encourage and empower students with solid foundations for life as a follower of Jesus. The focus is on three strategic areas:

Making disciples

The good news of Jesus begins with making disciples who make disciples. Our prayer is that students’ passion for making disciples will increase as they press into the presence of God and are empowered by his Spirit for the mission of advancing the kingdom of God.

Growing through community

Together, students will engage with solid and relevant biblical teaching, explore and develop their spiritual gifts and use them to serve and lead within the local church. They can also expect healthy doses of fun, inspiration, and some practical, ‘hands-on’ kingdom experience.

Transforming Mission

The course includes a mission trip. On a mission, students will step out of their comfort zones, doing things they may not necessarily do in their context. It’s an exciting opportunity to experience and appreciate another culture and learn from other Christians in a cross-cultural ministry context.

At the Heart.

At the heart of this year is the personal formation of those who will be participating in the year-long discipleship programme. Using a learning model delivered through teaching, pastoral support from Mentors and a Supervisor, retreats, conferences, cross-cultural mission, and an experience of involvement in the local church, this will be a very formative year.


Develop key leadership skills.


Explore God’s calling purpose for your life.


Experience the adventure of mission


Discover and nurture your spiritual gifts and passions.


Deepen your knowledge and experience of God.


Grow through serving a local church.

Internship cost.

The cost is R15,000. This includes:

  • All training and training materials
  • Discipleship Year Orientation
  • Immerse Young Adults Camp
  • Annual Immerse Conference
  • Cross-cultural mission trip
  • Training Centre co-ordination with your placement church

Do note: we anticipate that the beginning of the 2021 DY program will be influenced by the ongoing Covid pandemic, but will normalise as soon as possible during the course of the year. The biggest impact will be on missions beyond the church. The training content and ministries within the church should not be significantly affected unless a more stringent lockdown is implemented.

Ministry resources.

If further assistance is required, feel free to contact the ministry leader.

Ministry leader.

Bevin Jacobs.


Bevin is married to Cindy, and they have two children: Noah and Eden. Bevin pastors the Evening Congregation.