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Missional Strategy: Reproducing the full life of Jesus by discipling one another in missional congregations where everyone knows your name.

At PBC our longing is that people encounter the Lord Himself.

We regularly pray that someone who joins us will be drawn to some inescapable conclusions:

“God is really among you!”

“Look how you love one another!”

And that after ministry their sense would be that “God did that!” This leaves us dependent upon God because ultimately it is about whether He does this or not.

We are passionate about the “finished product”, which ironically is something that will never be finished in this life. That “product” is not a big congregation or a new building or great services or a profile in the community. The “product” is ultimately personal and concerns who and what we are becoming. We believe that we are on this earth to discover, live out and pass on what it means to be whole-hearted followers of Jesus.

If you were to decide to make PBC your spiritual home, you would essentially be joining us on the same journey of learning to walk as Jesus did. We also believe that in becoming followers of this kind we will be led to respond to the needs and challenges of those who, for the moment, wouldn’t give a minute’s thought to joining the community.

Our church has a growing number of ministries, some of which may meet a need in your life or circumstance right now. Please browse the site and contact relevant ministry leaders if you have any questions.

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