PBC Diversity Confession and Invitation

The following diversity confession and invitation was made by the PBC Elders on Sunday, the 23rd of July 2017, at all 3 Services:


Our diversity is a gift and in it lies the path to credible witness, wisdom and mission.

For this reason we need to acknowledge that our diversity as elders does not yet represent the racial demographics of the church.

PBC is changing. Our diversity is increasing. That is wonderful and biblical. We celebrate appointing two additional women elders.

But a lack of leadership representative of our diversity is not ok.


This is not an attempt to impose an outside or secular agenda on the church.

It is simply an acknowledgement and confession from all of us standing in front of you that a leadership that does not represent who we are is not ok.

Not with us.

Not with God.

Not with a country that seems to be tearing apart all over again with racial animosity and prejudice.


We acknowledge that while we have no right or mandate to self-appoint, we are called to watch over the church in living out all the implications of the gospel.

Diversity is therefore something we need to watch over, guard and lead into.


Out of this confession to you and to God we want to extend an invitation to all of you to join us in a conversation about our God-given diversity that must be built on the ministry of reconciliation.

We will work towards this conversation with some prior teaching and will invite you to help us map where we go out of that conversation.



Father God, we confess that our leadership is not as representative as our church body.

We confess that none of us fully understand why this is so.

We ask you to lead us by your Spirit through all repentance, forgiveness, understanding and actions required to enable our church to be a credible witness to our city, country and world.

Thank you for your mercy and longing to be gracious to us.

We ask and receive this in Jesus’ name.