Alpha Course

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.

The Alpha Course will be starting on 30 July at 19h00 and will be running over 8 weeks until 17 September. If you are interested to join or assist, kindly contact the office.

There will be an Alpha Invitation Dinner held on 16 July at 19h00 for anyone who’s interested to find out more about the Alpha Course and see whether they want to actually do the whole course.

Feel free to invite your friends, neighbours, family members, colleagues.


Sign-up via this form below or click on this link.


  • starts Tue, 16 Jul (19:00)
  • ends Tue, 17 Sep (21:00)
  • location PBC Campus


  • person Office
  • number (021) 53 1 3922
  • email

This event is being run by the Alpha ministry.