The Gathering 2020

EVENT  Wednesday, 8 January 2020  14:00  Bergkroon 
The theme for the Gathering 2020 is CORE, and is all about urging teenagers to make Jesus the core of their lives; the driving force behind all that they are and do. For the first time, we will have 4 different speakers, who will speak into issues of identity, purpose, peace and joy–with how Jesus...



Grief Share

EVENT  Saturday, 27 July 2019  14:00  PBC 
The GriefShare Course is a support group for those who have lost loved ones through death.  It is a journey from mourning to joy.  The course runs once a week for approximately 13 weeks. We would love you to join us.  Please invite a friend who has lost a loved one and needs support in their...



Eternity PM

EVENT  Friday, 11 October 2019  19:00  PBC 
All in Grade 6's and 7's are welcome. Please look out for special events when the time and venue might change. Make sure the Office has your contact details so that you can receive SMS updates.  



Youth Life Group

EVENT  Tuesday, 17 September 2019  19:15  PBC Campus 
This is a primary source of direct spiritual growth for our High Schoolers. It happens Tuesday evenings where they can be taught through discussion and accountable community to grow in Christ. It's a place for genuine care, growth and discipleship takes place within smaller and closer groups. Pl...



GAP Youth

EVENT  Friday, 4 October 2019  19:30  Coffee bar 
GAP is the place where we want our youth to find a place where they can start to stand in the GAP for their generation by feeling free to invite friends (Christian or not yet) to come build friendships with us, have fun, socialize and find a safe space to get to know more about God through us, the p...



Lighthouse Kids

EVENT  Friday, 11 October 2019  17:45  PBC Main Auditorium 
Grades R's to 5's are welcome to join Lighthouse on Friday Evenings at 5.45pm in the Pinelands Baptist Church Auditorium.  



Subscribe: PBC Community Life e-Bulletin

EVENT  Saturday, 1 December 2018  00:00  PBC 
To subscribe either send an email to andrea@pbc.org.za or fill your details on this form (click on "form")    



Prime Time Bible Study

EVENT  Wednesday, 18 September 2019  10:00  The Meeting Room 
If you are over 60 and free on Wednesday mornings, why not join the Prime Time Bible Study at 10am in the Meeting Room at the church. This is an interactive study and tea is served after the hour.



Thursday, 19 September

I Am_Part 5 (Evening) (podcast)

Thursday, 19 September

Ephesians 6 (Combined Induction Service) (podcast)

Wednesday, 4 September

The Rest of Your Life_Part One (Explore) (podcast)